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I'm Ms Lauren and yes, I know the effect I have on men. Is it any wonder, being so beautiful, that I would have my pick? So what use would a woman like me have with a sexually inadequate male like yourself? Every hot girl needs a cuckold when she gets home from a hot date. Who else would soothe my sore aching pussy after a real man's filled it up? Your use to me is in the skill of your tongue. You'll clean up all those sloppy seconds and be grateful you've gotten that close to my sweet cunt at all. A good little cuckold does exactly what he's told. Here's some of my views on the topic of cuckolding. And when you can resist your desires no longer, give me a call at 1-800-730-7415.

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Cuckold Humiliation: He Can Give Her What You Can't

Choosing a Cuckold Bull for Your Hotwife

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