Choosing a Bull for Your Hot Wife

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Choosing A Cuckold Bull For Your Hotwife



Choosing your hotwife’s first lover requires much soul-searching on both your parts. You’ve accepted that becoming a cuckold husband is inevitable. She’s hungry for something you can’t give her. In searching for an alpha male stud to become her cuckold bull, many things should be considered. As an as experienced cuckoldress, I’ll be attempting to answer some common questions I get from cuckold husbands and cuckold wannabes.


What if She Wants One of My Friends?


A cuckold and his hotwife should have a long conversation at the outset of the relationship. Ground rules should be made, such as anyone the cuckold husband says is off limits. If the cuckolded male in question is a genuinely submissive male, he should place no limits upon his hotwife’s conquests. Many hotwives choose a good friend of their cuckold to begin. Trust is already there and a level of comfort established. Many beta males have an alpha male friend with whom their wife has an already established attraction. Though the humiliation the cuckold will feel is often acute, he should care for his hotwife enough to make sure she gets the very best stunt cock possible. A genuinely submissive cuckold will accede to her wishes, even if her choice of lover humiliates him in the extreme.


What if My Friend Tells Someone?


Embarking into a cuckold relationship almost always insures exposure. Don’t be ashamed. Not every man is cut out to be a stud. Chances are many of your friends are cuckolds, too. Look at it as an opportunity to learn from other males in the cuckold lifestyle. You are an elite bunch, caring more for the happiness of your hotwives than your dignity and pride. In fact, you should band together with your fellow cuckolds and find ways to help support each other.


What if She Wants to Fuck a Stranger?


In many cases, the thrill of the unknown entices and excites the hotwife. She’s not looking for familiarity, comfort or love. In the case of a hotwife in need of strange, liking her potential bull isn’t even a requirement. Men have been grudge fucking women for years. Is it any wonder that a hotwife’s desire might take that tack? She has you for the soft side of her. But inside every woman, there’s a primal slut with strong passions and desires. Women crave the thrill of mating with a superior man. It’s evolutionary for us to seek sex with the strongest of the species. We don’t seek them for life partners else boys like you would never get laid. But we do crave their superior genetics.


Genetics? What if She Gets Pregnant?


Well, you wouldn’t be the first cuckold husband to raise another man’s child as his own. When women are fertile, they’re even hornier, and that arousal is focused on very masculine, virile men. It’s an instinctual drive for a woman to want the very best offspring possible. While you provide something he never could and thus have a place in the grand scheme of things, your inferior sexual prowess is there for a reason. You weren’t meant to pass your genetics to the next generation. That’s the job of the alpha male. So count yourself lucky if he seeds her, it’s for the best.


What if she wants a man from another race?


Lots of white women harbor secret longings for black men. That’s no secret. It’s also no secret that on average the size of an erect black penis is very much longer and thicker than a white mans. If your hotwife desires a black man in her bed, you should do everything you can to make it happen. Every woman deserves the experience of interracial sex. And you’re wondering, what if he gets her pregnant? That’s your business and yours alone. This should not influence your choice of a black bull stud to service your hotwife. If she’s craving a black man, be a cuckold to a black man. The sight of him fucking her will amaze and astound you.