Cuckold Humiliation

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Cuckold Humiliation: Watching Her Get What You Can’t Give


So you’ve known for a while you don’t quite measure up. Even if you’re equipped enough to bed your wife, you know when her eyes are closed she’s not fantasizing about you… is she? Don’t kid yourself. She’s just not that into you. Yes, it’s humiliating to realize you aren’t the object of your wife’s sexual fantasies. How long will it before you aren’t even allowed inside her? Learning to live with your own sense of inadequacy and embracing your own humiliation are the first steps to learning to become a good little cuckie husband.

Why is cuckolding so humiliating? Well, eventually everyone will know. When you’ve got a hotwife on your hands, you’re not exactly going to keep it a secret. Chances are the first cuckold bulls she chooses will be among your own friends. It won’t be much of a shock to them to know you can’t make her happy. I’m sure they’ve seen you in the locker room and wondered privately how you managed to land such a hot piece of ass. Maybe they’ve already hit on her, knowing instinctively you haven’t ever pleased her.

So why did she marry you? Well, women want the most secure provider. The most secure provider is usually not an alpha male stud. Beta males move heaven and earth to please their women; even if she lacks sexually, you give her a comfortable life in every other way. Maybe you share interests, genuinely love each other, whatever the reason, you want to keep her. So what’s an inferior beta male to do when his hotwife grows tired of her Magic Wand? He swallows his pride, embraces cuckold humiliation and finds a male capable of pleasuring his wife in ways he simply can’t.

Sure it’s humiliating to admit to your friends that you’re too small, too quick or that you can’t get it up. You’ve tried all the penis enlargement pills, every fad you can think of and still… well, it’s not done a bit of good, now has it? You’re still the same little man who gets his and leaves her frustrated and angry, poisoning your relationship. So undo the damage the only way you can. Embrace cuckold humiliation as a relationship saver. Sure, you’re ashamed and scared… and more than a little bit jealous. But it’s for the best; your place is as a cuckold. Accept it.

There are lots of new habits you’ll have to acclimate to develop as a cuckold husband. You must learn to accept that she has the right to choose her lovers. If she decides to allow, you to watch, be gracious to her cuckold bull and don’t interfere in their lovefest. If she wants you to prepare him by being her fluffer, learn to love sucking cock. This will make her happy. If she wishes you to clean her up after, be prepared to crawl between her thighs and clean up her creampie. That’s what a good little cuckold husband does for his hot wife.

So don’t fight it. If you aren’t man enough to give her what she needs, suggest a cuckold relationship instead of a more permanent alternative. You’ll learn to love your cuckold humiliation, and your hotwife will thank you for making sure her needs are fulfilled. It’s worth the humiliation of being a cuckold to see that satisfied look on your lady love’s face.