Is the Cuckold Lifestyle for You?

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Is the Cuckold Lifestyle For You?



Who is a cuckold?


A cuckold husband or partner is technically a man who doesn’t know his wife is an adultress. A man who willingly encouraged his partner to fuck around was called a wittol. But modern culture co-opted the word cuckold to describe a man who helps his wife to find sexual satisfaction with other men. The archaic form of the word is wittol, used in the past the reasons a man might choose cuckolding as a lifestyle choice are myriad. Perhaps he’s too small to perform, he’s a premature ejaculator, he has erectile dysfunction, or maybe he just likes to watch. No matter the reasoning, a cuckold husband is well aware of his wife’s indiscretions and enjoys them just as much as she does.


What is the cuckold lifestyle?


The cuckold lifestyle is one in which the cuckold husband helps his wife in her sexual endeavors. He often helps her bathe and groom herself for her dates. He might also help her choose provocative clothing to entice her bull further. Some cuckolds even select for said sexual encounters to take place in the marital bed with the cuckold husband watching. Some also go so far as to fluff the cuckold bull, sucking his cock and preparing him for sex with his hot wife.


When is cuckolding a viable choice?


Is your wife dissatisfied with your sexual performance? Are you afraid she’ll run off with a bigger, better man? Many cuckolds encourage their hotwife to take lovers with full knowledge so that they can remain part of her life. Cuckolding often becomes a marriage saver when the sexual aspect is the only problem between husband and wife. Most hotwives aren’t interested in an emotional relationship with the cuckold bull. The relationship of the cuckold husband, cuckold bull and hotwife is one that is most often purely sexual.


Why choose cuckolding?


What other option does the sexually inferior male have aside from being alone? He obviously can’t please his wife, and she deserves a full and happy sexual life even if he cannot provide it. A cuckold husband proves his love by giving his hotwife an option aside from divorce. Most hotwives and cuckolds have a very healthy, open communication as well as a strong emotional bond absent from the purely sexual relationship with the cuckold bull. Cuckolding is the ultimate gift an inferior male can give his healthy, sexual wife. It’s an act of love and devotion.