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Is the Cuckold Lifestyle For You?

Who is a cuckold?

A cuckold husband or partner is technically a man who doesn’t know his wife is an adulteress. A man who willingly encouraged his partner to fuck around was called a wittol. But modern culture co-opted the word cuckold to describe a man who encourages his wife to find sexual satisfaction with other men.

Choosing A Cuckold Bull For Your Hot Wife

Choosing your hot wife’s first lover requires much soul-searching on both your parts. You’ve accepted that becoming a cuckold husband is inevitable. She’s hungry for something you can’t give her. In searching for an alpha male stud to become her cuckold bull, many things should be considered

Cuckold Humiliation: Watching Her Get What You Can’t Give

So you’ve known for a while you don’t quite measure up. Even if you’re equipped enough to bed your wife, you know when her eyes are closed she’s not fantasizing about you… is she? Don’t kid yourself. She’s just not that into you. Yes, it’s humiliating to realize you aren’t the object of your wife’s sexual fantasies.